We are a Covid Safe business committed to the wellbeing of participants and staff and preventing the spread of Covid.

Prior to booking you must refer to the Covid FAQ – Booking and Entry Conditions where requirements for vaccinations, masks, and cancellations are explained.

Course Costs, Booking, What to bring

Course Costs

$ 200.00
Boat and Jetski Licence
Safe Boating and PWC Jetski Course and Test (combined course*)
$ 170.00
Boat Licence
Safe Boating Course and Test
$ 140.00
Jetski Licence Upgrade
Safe PWC Jetski Course and Test (if you have a valid boat licence)
$ 0.00
Practical Boating Logbook, supplied at the course for you to complete

Cash or debit/credit card payment is required on arrival.

* Combined Course: To apply for a PWC Jetski Licence, you must be a current NSW Boat Licence holder. We provide the combined Boat and PWC Jetski course and certificate to enable you to drive both a Boat and a PWC Jetski. A PWC Jetski Licence on its own (without a Boat Licence) does not exist.

Please note: Some of our competitors charge much more and require advanced payment to secure your booking. We keep our costs low by word of mouth referrals, and although we understand that sometimes life can get in the way, kindly contact us ASAP if you are unable to attend so your spot may be given to someone else.

Booking is easy

Call 0405 677 534

  1. You will promptly receive a text with the next course dates, times and venues.
  2. Book your course, your first name and the number of people attending is required.
  3. A confirmation is sent via text; with a reminder text sent 1-2 days prior.
  4. Attend the session, pass and receive paperwork.
  5. Take paperwork with logbook to RMS, and get your boat licence.

If you have any questions, we're happy to help.

A booking is essential to ensure adequate seats and documentation for all students.

What to bring

PWC Jetski applicants

2 x identical passport-quality sized photos (NOT required for boat licence only).


If you hold a current NSW Drivers Licence, NSW Learners or NSW Photo Card, this is sufficient identification. Please bring it on the day.

Young adults, interstate drivers licence holders, those with a disqualified licence, overseas travellers, students and others are required to bring two items of identification, one from "List 1" and one from "List 2" on this page. Please see the linked page for more information.

Young Adult

The parent/guardian must provide their identification and sign the Roads and Maritime Services application before the course commences.

Eyesight Test

NOT required if you have an Australian Drivers Licence.

OR complete the eyesight test in a Roads and Maritime Service Centre (ensure you ask for the test, or your new licence will be cancelled). This also applies to young adults 12 to under 16 years; alternatively provide an eyesight test from an independent optometrist.

Clothing at Venues

No hats or singlets allowed within the Clubs.

Be prepared

Doors open 30 minutes prior to the course start. Provide the Venue name and address to your family and friends. Please arrange to be well rested, have breakfast and allow plenty of time to arrive safely and on time. If you need directions or you are lost or late call the trainer direct.

After the Course - Lodge your Application at the RMS

Now you've completed the course, take your completed application forms; plus, your Practical Boating Logbook, complete by a person who has their Boat or PWC Licence of more than 3 years to any RMS Service Centre in NSW. Show your identification, and pay for a 1, 3, 5 or 10-year fee.

RMS will then give you an interim paper licence; and you may drive a vessel on the same day. The plastic card will be mailed.

Terms and conditions acceptance

Any student or visitor must accept the Sea School policies, guidelines and safety procedures on arrival. If this document is unavailable or unseen on the day by you, other members of your group or family, this agreement is between all parties and the conditions and the intent of this document is understood and undisputed.


Not applicable, as we do not ask for your money in advance. On arrival your payment is required. Should an emergency unfold, you may attend on a date depending on our availability and venue for no additional cost.

Passport photos

PWC (jet ski) applications require 2 identical passport photos on a light background, on the day (photos are not required for boat Licence only candidates). Gently, clearly, and in small print write your name and date of birth on the reverse side of each photo.


All candidates are encouraged to actively listen, participate and demonstrate knowledge with the trainer and assessor. It is your responsibility and vital to your training and safety to complete all training and assessment requirements.

Privacy Policy

Accurate records management and care of personal information is required to comply with privacy legislation as a business, for participants, and the Standards for RTO's 2015. The following policy and procedures for privacy will protect participants and manage risk in our business. Sea School are required to disclose the Applicant's Personal Information and/or Health Information to Roads and Maritime Services NSW in order to assess the Applicant's application or verify the information provided or to evaluate the Training and/or Testing, and in respect of inquiries about maritime accidents and to other agencies responsible for marine management or vessel registration or licensing. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, the privacy practices of Sea School International, or you wish to make a privacy complaint, please contact us via email: or

Photographic permission

You give authorisation to the Sea School companies to freely use any photographs and images for training purposes, recording of client training, recognition statements, promotion and web networking. If you are not willing to be in any training images, photos or videos you are required to advise Sea School on arrival.

Complaints and Appeals

Sea School International is committed to providing an effective, efficient, timely, fair and confidential complaints and appeals handling procedure for all students. An appeal can be made when a student is not satisfied with the outcome at any stage of the complaints and/or assessment process.


Not permitted aboard the training vessels or within the venue or classroom. Smoking is allowed in designated areas/ashtrays, and well away from flammable liquids.

First aid

A designated first aid officer and first aid supplies are available onboard each training vessel. All injuries sustained onsite or on the water should be reported to the head office and the trainer. If you require first aid you must quickly, loudly and firmly ask for help.

Practical Boating on Sydney Harbour – if you are booked

Not available at Merrylands, Mt Lewis or Cabramatta Bowling Clubs.

For the practical boat training on Sydney Harbour, we suggest you bring the following:

  • Clothing – Casual clothes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, wet weather gear in case it rains.
  • Footwear – Deck shoes, joggers, sandshoes or work boots (no thongs or sandals).
  • Food – Bottled water, snacks/food. Speak to the Trainer about local food and beverage options.

Change of venue / breakdown

Late notice of a change of venue or arrival time may happen and is usually due to the weather conditions, berthing facilities or vessel maintenance. Even with a continual maintenance regime, the vessel may at times breakdown. Often the trainer can fix the problem 'on the spot'. If not, the theory and/or practical session will be rescheduled by the office or trainer and at a time suitable for us both. Refunds are not available, only rescheduled training times.


Sea School shall not be held liable for death, personal injury, loss or damage to property howsoever arising and therefore by booking and attending the course, you hereby release, to the full extent permitted by Commonwealth and State laws and in equity, the Company, its employees, volunteers, providers and agents from all actual and contingent liability in respect of such personal injury, death, loss or damage while on any training or course. Your enrolment is your acknowledgement of the School OHS & Safety policies and procedures. Listen to the directions of staff at all times and during drills, fire alarms and muster signals.

Disclaimer - Marine insurance aboard the client vessel

Marine insurance validity and waiver must be completed by the vessel owner and its operator for practical training. Sea School shall not be held liable for death, personal injury, loss or damage to property howsoever arising and therefore, you hereby release, to the full extent permitted by Commonwealth and State laws and in equity, the Company, its employees, volunteers, providers and agents from all actual and contingent liability in respect of such personal injury, death, loss or damage while training aboard the vessel you supplied.

Student waiver - declaration:

I have read and accept the Sea School terms and conditions above; and understand my rights and obligations. My attendance at the course and on a vessel is my acceptance of the above.